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Liposome gel
  • Currents conductor
    (+ or -)
  • Actives
  • Xantalgosil C
  • Kava kava Extract
  • Stryphnodendron
  • Garcinia
  • Content
  • 1 Kg - 2.2 lb or 30 applications

    Mixtures of specific substances for body treatments performed with electrotherapy, especially electroporation and Manthus. The gel base acts as a conduit for aesthetic equipment currents. The active principles are wrapped in liposome capsules, which enables penetration and promotes fast and satisfactory results against body disharmony and non-standard measurements.

    Apply in the regions compromised to facilitate the sliding of the equipment in the skin. For electroporation, use negative polarity. For high power ultrasound use the equipment associated with the polarized current program.

    Xantalgosil C, Kava kava Extract, Stryphnodendron and Garcinia.

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