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Kit Tri-Def Combat
Kit for cosmetic care of acne prone skins
  • Acneico process control
  • Drying fluid
  • Actives
  • Tri-Acnetrat:
  • Boswellic extracts
  • Betulinic
  • Ursolic
  • Cyclodextrins of Tea Tree Oil
  • Tri-Acnesec:
  • Collagen
  • Propolis
  • Alphabisabolol
  • Content
  • 30 ml - 1 fl oz each
    or 60 applications

    Tri-Def Combat is an intensive treatment kit for acne, composed of two products: Tri-Acnetrat, anti-acne fluid with Cyclodextrins of Tea Tree Oil and Triterpenic Extracts, actives that operate in the treatment of acne and help control the acne process. And Tri-Acnesec a drying fluid, suitable for the finishing of professional treatment, rich in Propolis, Alphabisabolol and Collagen a balanced combination to help dry and reduce acne lesions.

    With the skin thoroughly cleansed, apply the fluid antiacne Tri-Acnetrat on the desired region, massaging until complete absorption or with the aid of microcurrents. Then apply the drying finisher Tri-Acnesec on the desired region or only in acne points, massaging until completely absorption. It can be used with the aid of electrotherapy (Ionizers: positive polarity and microcurrent).

    TRI-ACNETRAT Boswellic extracts, Betulinic and Ursolic, Cyclodextrins of Tea Tree Oil.
    TRI-ACNESEC Collagen, Propolis and Alphabisabolol

    Name: TRI-DEF COMBAT Bel Col
    Content: 30 ml - 1 fl oz each
    EAN13: 7898918417 93 4
    EAN14: 1 789891841793 1
    Reference: P0177
    NCM: 33304.99.10
    Package: Plastic bottle with dropper and styrofoam box
    Gross Weight: 105 g
    Dimensions: 110x 95 x 70 mm
    Segment: Professional
    Line: Facial
    Highlight: professional cosmetic kit for treatment of acne (Fluid anti-acne + drying finisher)
    Active Principles: Tri-Acnetrat: Boswellic extracts, Betulinic and Ursolic, Cyclodextrins of Tea Tree Oil
    Tri-Acnesec: Collagen, Propolis and Alphabisabolol
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