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Hexyl 4.R Professional
Kit for effective skin whitening in three steps
  • Skin Whitening
  • Safe
  • Actives
  • mandelic acid
  • alpha hydroxy acids
  • arbutin
  • collagen
  • enzyme
  • Boerhavia extract
  • flavonoids
  • hexylresorcinol
  • polyphenols
  • rhamnosoft
  • Content
  • Kit with 5 products
  • 30 applications

    For an effective professional treatment of spots, Bel Col presents the Hexyl.4R Professional Line, a kit of global whitening of spots with innovative technology Active White 3.6 - a treatment in 3 steps with 6 mechanisms of action - for effective whitening of the skin. The kit consists of five products: Whitening Peeling, Whitening Peeling Mask, Capsules Antioxidants, Antioxidant Fluid and Whitening Complex. Know more:

    Whitening Peeling: Powerful chemical exfoliant that helps in cell renewal and overall skin lightening, standardizing its appearance.

    Whitening Peeling Mask: Mask enriched with alpha hydroxy acids and enzyme to complete the process of exfoliation. It acts strongly on the cell renewal from the simultaneous action of chemical and enzymatic exfoliating on the skin.

    Antioxidants Capsules: Controls the activity of enzymes responsible for melanogenesis, strongly contributing to skin whitening.

    Antioxidant Fluid: It presents a special formula that fights the action of free radicals acting on melanogenesis process, promoting skin whitening. Must be used in conjunction with antioxidants capsules.

    Whitening Complex: Apply the Whitening Complex on the desired area and massage until completely absorbed. It can be used with the aid of microcurrents. Leave it for 6 to 8 hours.

    Step 1- Cleasing: Clean the skin with soap Clean AHA's*, after removal, apply the product Peeling de Cristal* across the face, making frictions with median pressure in a circular motion, remove with dry gauze and then apply the Tonico Pre-Peeling* on the entire region to be treated.

    Step 2A - Peeling: Apply four drops of Whitening Peeling on the region to be treated, spread and leave it for five minutes. You can work with the aid of microcurrent. Then promote drumming movements until complete absorption without removing the product.

    Step 2B - Peeling: Apply four drops of Whitening Peeling Mask on the region to be treated, spread and leave it for five minutes. You can also work with microcurrent. Then, promote drumming until the product is completely absorbed and move to the next step without removing it.

    Step 3 - Antioxidant: Open a Antioxidant Capsule and pour the contents in the container that comes with the kit. Add eight drops of Antioxidant Fluid and stir with spatula homogenizing until complete dilution of the powder and effervescent mixture. Apply massaging on the area to be treated, wait five minutes and move to the next step without removing the product.

    Step 4 - Gene Modulation and Global Whitening: Apply eight drops of Complex Whitening on the area to be worked and spread until complete absorption of the product. Do not remove, apply sunscreen Solectiv SPF 30* and guide the customer not to wash the rigion from 6 to 8 hours, thus leaving the product to act during that period.

    Note: From the first up to the fifth session apply the products across the whole face, in the other sessions work only on the spots. In the last session reapply on the whole face.

    Frequency: 10 sessions. 2 x a week. If necessary, repeat the procedure after 30 days apart.

    Manutenção domiciliar: It is essential that the customer make home maintenance applying the products of home care kit Hexyl.4R and sunscreen daily, according to the direction of use of each one.

    *Products do not come with the kit. Sold separately.
    Whitening Peeling: Mandelic Acid, Hexylresorcinol

    Whitening Peeling Mask: Alfa hydroxy acids, Enzym, Hexylresorcinol

    Antioxidants Capsules: Arbutin, Citric Acid

    Antioxidant Fluid: Polyphenols and Flavonoids, Vitamin E, Collagen, Rhamnosoft

    Whitening Complex: Boerhavia Extract, Hexylresorcinol

    Name: Hexyl.4R Kit Professional Whitening
    Content: Whitening Peeling Bel Col 15 ml | Whitening Peeling Mask Bel Col 15 ml | Antioxidant Fluid Bel Col 15 ml | Antioxidants Capsules Bel Col 30 cápsulas | Whitening Complex Bel Col 15 ml
    EAN13: 7898918417 84 2
    EAN14: 1 789891841784 9
    Reference: P0179
    NCM: 3304.99.90
    Package: Plastic bottles and cartridge cardstock
    Gross Weight: 0,324 kg
    Dimensions: 185 x 250 x 40 mm
    Segment: Professional
    Line: Facial
    Highlight: Effective whitening skin in 3 steps: Step Peeling | Step Antioxidant | Step Gene modulation and global whitening, with exclusive Technology White Active 3.6
    Active Principles: Mandélic Acid, Hexylresorcinol, Alfa hydroxy acids, Enzyme, Polyphenols, Flavonoids, Vitamin E, Collagen, Rhamnosoft, Arbutin, Citric Acid, Boerhavia Extract
    Launch: April / 2014
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